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Digitax Online Platform

A platform for online foreign digital tax monitoring system.


Online platform mechanism for effective collection of digital sales tax. Designed to capture digital or online transaction, mainly for digital tax collection in an effective way and big data analysis and cyber security guardian against fraudulent activities.


  • Empower administration capability of enforcing digital taxing rights.

  • Automating seamless due diligence on national e-accounting framework.

  • Enable absolute transparency on digital activities.

e-Health Solutions

e-Hospitals / e-Clinics / e-Dental solutions 

Our digital eHealth Platform Modules consist of :

  • Patient - Patient and Individuals 

  • Hospitals - Private / Public Health Providers 

  • Physician - Healthcare Professionals 

  • Government - Regulatory 

  • Data - National Master Data Providers 

  • Dashboard - Healthcare Information

  • Insurance - Claims Processing

  • Integration - Call Out Services

Threat Intelligence 
  • Social media interception-Whatapps Detection

  • Secure call 

  • Facial recognition AI

  • Intelligence AI

  • Mobile traffic monitoring  

  • Police Body Worn Camera

  • Airport Video Analytic Solution

  • Facial recognition, sniffing, Wifi intercept

  • National Content filtering

  • Cyber SOC

  • Cyber Advance DLP

  • Cyber defence & protect surveillance

  • Consultancy

Agriculture & Farming
  • Livestock Management Solution

  • Animal Inventory Management

  • Feed Costing and Performance Metrics

  • Financial Tracking to Record Profits from Livestock Sales

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